It’s Well Documented, I’m No Quitter: Part 2

After graduating from film school, Joel Reimer wanted to produce a television series called Into Wild. The inspiration came to him from watching wildlife shows when he was younger. Once he was older he realized there were no shows promoting BC wildlife. That may have been for good reason.

Joel began looking for financing. He applied for grants, approached other producers, as well as researching other funding he might qualify for. When doors kept getting closed, he remembered a mentor of his, Victor Lucas.

Victor had created the TV show, Electric Playground. He had a great idea and went for it, despite no stations in Canada agreeing to air it. Despite every obstacle and setback Victor Lucas produced it anyway. He took it south of the border. A year later, Canada bought in. Now it’s one of the most successful entertainment shows on television.

Joel persevered until he found a station that would be willing to run his series, but would provide no financing to produce it.

Half the problem was solved, the glass was now half full. Joel would have to fill the rest himself. Working hard as a P.A., he eventually saved enough to produce it. He’s in pre-production for his second.

I asked Joel where he saw himself in five years. He said he’d likely be producing two television series as well as making documentaries of successful people living with disabilities. Making heroes out of our underdogs.

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