Whistler’s Great Outdoors Festival

(via wireservice.ca) As mentioned in today’s newscast, the Whistler Film Festival Society is hosting an adventure film series as a part of Whistler’s Great Outdoors Festival. In the third annual series so far, this edition of Adventure Film is considered to be educational as well as action packed, intense, exciting and even a bit absurd.

“WFF’s Adventure Film Series presents an exciting lineup for outdoor enthusiasts to experience adventure on film.” says Shauna Hardy Mishaw, the executive director of Whistler Film Festival. The Adventure Film Series currently has nine different films in the lineup. Playing on the 21st will be Speed Sisters (a documentary about a middle eastern female racing team), The Rider and The Wolf (The retelling of the disappearance of Mountain Biker Mike Rust), Reaching for the Sky (A dramatic story about the great athlete Cam Zink), The Great Alone (a movie about dogsledding champ Lance Mackey and his emotional journey), and Meru (some friends attempt to achieve the goal of climbing one of the most dangerous mountains in the Himalayas).

Continuing on May 22, the films being showcased are Racing Extinction (a documentary about endangered species featuring activists and artists having their say on this matter of what is causing these animals to die off), Waterways (two films that show all the fun and adventures anyone can have out on the water), View from a Blue Moon (A documentary about surfer John Florence and his journey around the world showing many of his favourite places to surf), Chasing Niagara (Kayaker Rafa Ortiz sets a plan to paddle over Niagara Falls and does some other crazy things too), and We Are Blood (adventures with the world’s best skaters as they go beyond the simple technique of skateboarding and make it more exciting).

Tickets can be bought here.

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