VIFF (Day 5)

Thanks to my schedule and the fact that I’ve eaten mostly movie snacks, I only saw two films today and decided to take a bit of a break before I start neglecting certain matters. There should be some more movies, all depends on what happens.

Homme Less – A documentary about a freelancer in New York. One of the biggest issues in living in New York is well, making a living. Mark Reay lives his life taking pictures of potential models on the street, and occasionally doing some acting gigs as well. However, instead of having a condominium like most people, Mark lives on top of a condominium roof sleeping under a large cover. Though he has many talents, he’s not the most fortunate. His whole family is poor for that matter. A very interesting show explaining life for someone unfortunate but unique. I actually feel I can relate to Mark in a couple ways.

It’s Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong – Ah, gee. Another love story, boy meets girl. Get to know each other, yakkity yak. In the busy streets of Hong Kong during the bustle of the city nightlife, Josh (Bryan Greenberg) meets Ruby (Jamie Chung) outside of a bar. Ruby’s got lost finding the place where her friends said they would be, so Josh gives her directions. She asks Josh to guide her to the area, which he does. As they walk together, the two talk about each other and what they’re doing in Hong Kong, their personal life, etc. This one seemed pretty short and was very basic. I’ve seen this kind of thing so many times, nothing new to me.

This really wasn’t much of a traveling day for me. In fact, I watched both movies in the same theatre. Maybe tomorrow will be more wide-ranging.

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