Vancouver Web Fest: Volunteer Journal, Day 3

IMG_1544Sunday: I was scheduled for the evening but I showed up an hour and a half early because I had some extra time after the business earlier that day.

Upon arrival, there was another screening in process. First was Les Jaunes, a French-language series made in Montreal about two apocalypse survivors escaping zombies that have yellow skin.

Next up was Justice Woman, a comedy/drama about some type of superhero woman who is fighting injustice with the legal system — and dealing with a big issue that she got into with one of her co-workers.

Then came Stricken, a horror series featuring three people trapped in an elevator: A woman, an orphaned little girl, and a maintenance man responsible for keeping the elevator functioning. However, he has tampered with it and is slowly descending into madness. Certainly seemed exciting.

Next up was a reality series called Por El Ultimo Round (For The Last Round) which detailed the story of a young wrestler training hard to become a wrestling champion.

Afterwards, a more interesting series called Time Keeper showed up. This one was a science fiction show about a young man who travels through time to different periods, though these periods aren’t too far away from each other. However, every time he does it, he can’t remember where he was or what happened before.

Finally, the last screening was a comedy series called Mr. Ginger, which is all about a high school teacher who educates teenagers in life skills —  his idea of life skills, such as sneaking food out of  vending machines and facing fears by bringing them into the classroom. This one was actually pretty hilarious.

Afterwards, there was an awards ceremony hosted by Greg Kettner, (see our complete list of awards here) followed by  more socializing, drinking and what not. Everything ended around midnight and I helped out with taking everything down. It was an amazing festival and I will definitely volunteer again next year.

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