Exclusive – Wight Space – We Have A Ghost Problem Part II

exclusiveRic LaFollette has created an incredibly compelling and ghoulishly entertaining show on a shoe string budget. He did it by working a day job while saving for production. Wearing multiple hats and finding gifted actors on Vancouver Actors’ Guide was the next revelation. Ric feels truly blessed by the professionalism and caliber of his actors. Some of them have had roles in Supernatural.

Considering your budget, what kind of cameras are you using?

I’m using Canon DSLR’s. The 5D’s were a very necessary investment. I’m very happy with the images and overall look. I also have a great DOP. He is an inestimable addition to the team.

Where did you hold your auditions?

Thanks to technology and convenience I conducted auditions on Skype. It was a perfect solution to traveling across town and apportioning time in a more convenient way.

A “series bible” is in the works for future reference and new actors coming aboard.

As Ric unfolded the entire season to me, I found myself hanging onto every word, twist and cliff hanger. Hard to believe this is his first endeavor in filmmaking.

Filming locations include Langley, White Rock and Vancouver.

Did you do any green screen effects?

I did very few. I wanted to maintain authenticity through the application of ghost make-up.

Ric works as a graphic artist. He designed the SES logo.

He’s also grateful for connecting with a remarkable composer.

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