Exclusive – Sons 2 The Grave Part II

exclusiveLynne Stoltz wrote a screenplay about a neighborhood where crime happens, homicides happen and nobody talks. A footbridge divides the poor neighbourhood from the wealthy. In the eyes of the law, one neighbourhood is always on the radar. If you’re blessed with privilege and status, that radar doesn’t exist. Too bad, because the pillars of the community are not without their lawlessness.

Lynne credits the success of the movie to the talent attached.

“They were all phenomenal, dedicated, easy to work with. We shared the same vision. It was the little engine that could. It’s never easy making an indie movie, but when everyone’s on the same track, it’s an uplifting feeling.”

The film has been so well received, it was selected to be  CHOOSE ATL ‘s host film at SxSW.

Lynne writes from the heart. “When it was in post, I walked in the room and grown men had tears. I knew the story had heart. It was made with heart, and that’s a good place to start.”

Another talented actor key in the movie’s success was Darrin Dewitt Henson (Soul Food, Stomp The Yard, Chocolate City).

They also had “one of the best UPM’s in the business,” James Tripp-Haith.

Lynne expresses to me why some boys turn to crime. “Single moms working two jobs.”

The next project for Have Faith Productions, in association Channel Zero, is a TV series entitled, Hudson. With the pilot script just completed, cast is being considered.

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