Exclusive – SexyVoices – A Burlesque Theatre Cabaret Part I

exclusiveSexyVoices, A Burlesque Theatre Cabaret is the latest community performance being brought to the stage by the award winning theatre company Realwheels for three days only.

It is sexy and revealing. It will expand your mind while opening a window to intimate moments of a disabled person. Through multiple performers’ stories, you will gain insights into experiences on dating, sex, love and relationships.

The two masterminds pulling it all together since December of 2015 are award winning director Rachel Peake and Realwheels Managing Artistic Director Rena Cohen. Burlesque choreography is provided by Jenny Magenta. Jayson McLean is set designer and Jenna Erickson along with Lindsey Adams are both communications directors.

Rena and Rachel were generous with their time as they met with me to express the message behind this much anticipated performance.

“There will be 15 performers in total. Fourteen of them will be performing different acts, monologues, dance numbers and scene work. A hip hop artist will close the show.”
Rena and Rachel explain that the production is exploring the sexuality in the disabled community through a very playful burlesque lens.

Realwheels was founded by James Sanders in 2003. A quadriplegic due to a spinal chord injury, he is a writer, actor, producer for stage and screen. He has championed for disabled theatre.

SexyVoices will run nightly at 8 pm May 12, 13 and 14 at the Roundhouse Theatre in Yaletown.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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