Exclusive – Rampage 3 – Directed By Uwe Boll Part II

exclusiveUwe Boll has been directing Rampage 3 in Maple Ridge and Langley. Upon my interview with him, I learned he had used forty stuntmen within the first few days of shooting. He writes his films how he wants to shoot them as opposed to how he wants to edit them. I found this to be a unique approach.

The budget for this film is $750,000 and it has been pre-sold to Netflix and eOne. Since Uwe’s company acts as sales agent, he will also be shopping it around Europe.

Natalie Boll is the producer and production manager. Her background is in lifestyle television and she has worked with HGTV and the Food Network. In addition to that she’s also made multiple music videos and worked in development for other feature films.

Natalie tells me they “filmed Rampage 3 over the holidays. It made it logistically difficult to obtain permits but the city of Langley was very accommodating with their time.” Many of their crew came over from other big budget films that were on hiatus over the holidays, which was tremendously generous, says Natalie.

Michael Pohorly is the executive producer and AD on the film. He has 2nd AD credits in movies The Grey, This Means War, The A Team and TV series Hannibal. He recently won an award for his film Made In Bali. Working through the holidays and keeping production in check makes Michael’s position essential. His dedication is contagious.

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