Exclusive – Rampage 3 – Directed By Uwe Boll Part I

exclusiveWhen Uwe Boll began his fascination with film, he was just a child. He produced a number of short films on Super 8 and video. He later immersed himself into studying directing in Munich and Vienna. He also studied literature and economics in Cologne and Siegen. Well educated and well talented in a field that would span decades. I tracked him down in Maple Ridge filming Rampage 3: No Mercy.

Uwe also directed Rampage and Rampage: Capital Punishment. He indicates that this film has a realistic approach. The subject matter deals with domestic terrorism. Unfortunately something the world is becoming more familiar with these days.

In addition to shooting the film in Maple Ridge, they also shot in Jamestown, Fort Langley, as well as some pick ups in Washington and Vancouver. Uwe works at a race-horse pace. He is shooting approximately 12 pages of script a day. When I asked the reason for the rush, he explained it comes down to budget. The budget dictates the pace.

Since the dissolving of the DVD market, Uwe says it is necessary to make today’s productions cheaper and better than five or six years ago in order to recoup budgets. He also points out that more and more film actors have been turning to television because of these changes.

Rampage 3 has been shot documentary style and despite the benefit of attaching A list talent, it would be too much of a distraction from the story.

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