Exclusive – Mata Hari – The Beauty, The Execution, The Play Part II

exclusiveRachel Peake has been directing plays, text base work, physical theatre, musical theatre and opera for ten years.

Sinziana Corozel has spent two years in Paris studying physical theatre. Both are fluent in French and have teamed up to produce Mata Hari – the play.

In conjunction with Single Line Theatre, this play is guaranteed to entertain you.

I caught up with these brilliant women to get the inside story. Once they had finished describing it, I needed a towel, a large glass of water and a cigarette… and I don’t even smoke.

This story is sexy, it’s compelling, it’s courageous and it’s regrettable.

Certainly, you don’t have to take my word for it. Get your tickets while you can here at Eventbrite.

It’s playing at Studio 16 in Vancouver from March 31 – April 3rd.

Mata Hari was a Dutch burlesque dancer during World War I. She was accused of being a spy and executed by firing squad. She was so well known that her execution drew a huge crowd and legend has it, she dressed up for the occasion. A class act and a woman of tremendous courage till the very end.

Mata Hari (pictured) spoke many languages and was married to a Dutch soldier.

The case was reopened in the early 2000’s. Some say she was the victim of a witch-hunt and used as a scapegoat. She was 42.

Rachel and Sinziana have hopes of touring the play in the future.

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