EXCLUSIVE: Hard Knocks Hostel, Part II

Shooting a six episode webisode in four days is a true testament to dedication and the love of filmmaking.

Add great story and free location, then you have an offer you can’t refuse. When Karen Murphy took her experience as a hostel hostess and wrote it into a story, a vision became clear.

An avid viewer of comedy, Karen has been a fan of Amy Schumer and Ireland’s Maeve Higgins for years. Both comedians are an inspiration. With the film industry in Ireland predominantly male, it is refreshing to see comedy putting women in the limelight.

The series was shot on a Canon 5D. Four episodes have been posted on YouTube with two more in post.

A set was built into the hostel that reflected the two characters’ personality and long isolation. Every episode is 6 – 7 minutes long. Local musicians lent their music in exchange for exposure. Webisode festivals are starting to pop up in vast amounts and Karen intends to capitalize on it. Since Karen’s stay in Vancouver, a distributor has generated interest in the comedy series. If funding is there, a second season will follow.

Filming till the crew was boarding the ferry back home, they finally were able to rest and have their wrap party whilst on the vessel. The guitars came out and the Irish whisky showed up. Time to celebrate the fruits of their labor.

Total budget for the production was approx. $2600.00. Money well spent.

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