Exclusive – Coffee At Laundromat Part I

exclusiveWhen you go to the Laundromat you can meet the most interesting people in vicarious situations. An experience at one such Laundromat inspired Maahi Kaur to make a short film about it.

This is a film that sends a message about judgment and tolerance. It deals with issues of immigration and LGBT rights. Tackling these topics along with dealing with indifference is what Laundromats are for, right? If you’ve frequented your local facility you might agree that Laundromats can serve as a grounds for social discussion and political opinion.

Injecting humor into hot topic discussions enhances the flavor and keeps it engaging. As the writer/director, Maahi does it with finesse. Making a film that causes people to pause and ponder seems to be Maahi’s trademark. Her first film, Rolling Dreams, dealt with domestic child labor in Mumbai. Inspired by a young-seven-year old that lived in the slums and always dreamt about what it might be like to live in a high-rise condo, it won an award for excellence and earned a  nomination for best filmmaker at WMIFF.

Coffee At Laundromat required seventeen actors and two days of shooting. A twenty-four hour Laundromat in Surrey served as the location. The owners were so generous, they offered the location for free. Captured on Red Epic was Maahi’s preference. After post, the film will be sent to VIFF, TIFF, Sundance, Tribeca and Whistler.

Maahi Kaur calls her films her babies. She’s a great mom!

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