Exclusive – 5 Minute Rush Part I

exclusiveChris Rogers and business partner Steve Baran are in pre-production on the fast paced, action packed 5 Minute Rush.

It’s a 15-minute film that tells the story of Braden Vasco, an enforcer for a drug gang. Arrested and accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he later seeks vengeance while piecing together the truth.

The story came together a few months ago between Chris and his co-partner Steve. Four days later Steve had finished the script. Pre-production began and crowdfunding is in full swing with their account on Indiegogo. Projected budget is $20,000.00.

Production is scheduled for November. They will be shooting in five locations in and around Vancouver. Kelsey Baran is also a co-producer on the project.

After the project is finished, it will premiere it at the Rio Theatre in March of 2016. From there, it will also be entered into Cannes, VIFF, TIFF and Sundance.

Chris explains that this short film is more of a “Proof of Concept” film. It will be used to showcase their filmmaking abilities to studios as well as entice distributors.

Considering Chris Rogers began his journey in Brooklyn, New York as a DJ in college before turning up in Vancouver to pursue his filmmaking passion, his career is quite a story in itself. He brings experience in music videos (Jay-Z,Puff Daddy, Buster Rhymes) and TV (The Apprentice,Sex In The City) and now film. What’s next? Chris Rogers has plans for another action packed film, Assassins Code.

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