3 Clips You’ve Probably Never Seen (But Should)

The Clip: A Voice of America news piece on Paul Haggis’ 2013 feature Third Person. Why You’ve Probably Never Seen It: It’s one of three Canadian films that “fell through the cracks” according to this article by Martin Knelman in the Toronto Star. He notes that the drama, starring Liam Neeson and Mila Kunis, premiered […]

5 Canadian Videos You Should Watch Today

Some of these were mentioned in our earlier articles today, but we’ve curated them all into a single post. Take a few minutes to view everything from bad weather in Georgian Bay to a white bear on the coast of BC. October Gale Trailer: As the Chronicle-Herald reports here, Ruba Nadda has called this “the […]

3 Canadian Clips You Need to Watch Today

Relative Happiness trailer. What it is: Glimpse of a  “little Canadian movie” that, according to Tara Thorne of The Coast “offers up something special: a woman we all know.” Why you need to watch it: As Tara Thorne also says, “For a low-budget indie Canadian film, Relative Happiness looks terrific.” (Read her whole review here.) […]