The Pitchfest Is Calling

If you are an aspiring writer with the world’s greatest screenplay and want immediate feedback, then go to a pitchfest. There, you will have the amazing opportunity to pitch your script to studios such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Lions Gate, Dream Works, MGM, Universal and many more. As a matter of fact, most […]

6 Tips for Crowdfunding Projects

One of our staff, in the course of publicizing an IndieGogo project he’s involved with, got some feedback from one of the people he’d reached out to, Mike Peredo of Bok Bok Labs, who’s watched many entertainment projects take off — or try to. Mike has noted what the successful teams do that the others […]

Tips From Filmmakers in the News

(Via PRWeb) Tribe Pictures, of Chatham, New Jersey, produces films and videos all over the world for its Global 1000 corporate clients. Though Tribe shoots globally, it hires locally. According to Barbara Hennessy, VP of Production, “Sourcing local crews can save us quite a bit in travel expenses.” To get the best results from so […]