Networking Your Butt Off

Breaking into the industry can be daunting and intimidating. This is a business of relationships. Who you know really can be everything. As you seek out people that can help you further your career, I’ve explored tips and strategies that can help you investigate your best options for rubbing elbows, hobnobbing and perfecting the chinwag. […]

Want To Be A Successful Screenwriter?

“Don’t go quitting your day job just yet.” These words are very familiar to new writers. Last time I heard, there were 20,000 unemployed writers living in L.A. at any given time. That doesn’t mean that they haven’t tasted success, it just means they’re in between jobs. Is it necessary to live in L.A. to […]

Writing That Sells

If you are a writer it’s important to know what types of stories studios are always scouting for. Those stories would be based off of true stories, successful plays, novels and sequels. So where does originality fit in? Although there is always room, it takes a backseat to the rest. When adapting a novel, you […]

How To Finance Your Next Film

Making films is exciting. Attaching the talent, amazing director, dedicated crew, video editor and that gifted musician with mad skills for musical scores is all you can hope for. However, how do you entice them to work with you? Money certainly helps. Unless you come from wealth or have a been collecting pop bottles (for […]