Little Italy – Review

“Romeo and Juliet died!” remarks one character to another after being compared to the tragic Shakespearian couple. Nothing quite so sordid befalls the protagonists of Little Italy, set among the Toronto district of the same name. In fact, the worst you could say about these two is that their story comes out of the oven […]

Summer of ’84 – Review

15 year-old Davey Armstrong (Graham Verchere) is slumming it through yet another boring summer in unassuming Ipswitch, Oregon. When not delivering papers or playing “manhunt” with the other neighbourhood kids, he delves deep into conspiracy theories served up to him by the National Enquirer, much to the exasperation of his close friends Woody (Caleb Emery), […]

The F Word (Review)

Try as they may, any filmmakers’ attempts to avoid the categorization of their respective works by genre is pretty much impossible in this day and age, especially since studios and audiences alike compulsively reach for any kind of categorical notion, regardless of its flexibility. While convenient, it also becomes predictably problematic when considering the tight […]

VQFF: 1985 Review

It was on September 17, 1985 that then-U.S President Ronald Reagan first publicly acknowledged Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in response to a question about federal funding for cure research. Two months earlier, famed 50s heartthrob Rock Hudson had come out publicly as having being diagnosed with the disease from which he would ultimately pass away […]