28 Disses Later: An In-depth Look at the Passed Over Brilliance of Les Affamés (2017) (A Film Review + Analysis)

Mysterious in origin, a virus has spread across rural Quebec. The people infected have become zombies who roam the countryside or stagnate there, waiting for their next carriers. What are their intentions? Bite some arteries. Spread the virus. Infect the few healthy left. Oh, yeah. And steal furniture. This is the premise of Robin Aubert’s […]

Black Christmas (Review)

Since it is Christmas and I’m feeling a little festive, it only makes sense that I review a Christmas film this week, or, at least, a Christmas-themed psychological slasher. Happy Holidays! Given that the Christmas slasher is not exactly a sub-genre of horror, the cinephiles out there have likely guessed that I can only be […]

Mandy (Review)

In my review of Beyond the Black Rainbow last week, I wholeheartedly recognised director Panos Cosmatos as a budding prospect with auteurist sensibilities, even going so far as to compare him to Davids Lynch and Cronenberg. I say budding, because I nonetheless found Cosmatos’ debut to be inherently problematic, despite the evident vision. I was […]

Stargazing CLARA Examines Earthbound Angst

Mathematically speaking, it appears impossible that with all the countless stars in seemingly endless galaxies that there isn’t at least ONE other celestial body out there capable of supporting advanced lifeforms like our own. With multiple screens and other distractions vying for our increasingly fractured attention, we often forget to look up and ask if […]