DOXA – No Man’s Land – Review

At what point does a political protest cross the line into domestic terrorism? Anyone whose seen the vandalism and violence perpetrated against dissenters and journalists by groups like ANTIFA know the line can very quickly be blurred. A more rural stance against supposed government oppression plays out in David Byar’s No Man’s Land.   From […]

Wayne’s World (Review)

Mike Myers may not be the household name he once was, but the Canadian’s films and their accompanying library of quirky characters have made an indelible impression on the world comedy, beginning with 1992’s Wayne’s World. Though the film features infectious dialogue that will have me saying “Excellent” very differently for some time, this is […]

DOXA: The Road Taken – Review

For what Canada lacks in fictional renderings of it’s people and places is more than made up for in our rich history of documentary filmmaking. From the prairie films of Manitoban farmer James Freer in the 1890s to the countless topical offerings available at dedicated festivals like Hot Docs in Toronto and DOXA in Vancouver […]