American Psychosis (VIFF Review)

Totalitarian Governments. Consumerism in the modern day. The vague culture of our lifestyle. Obliviousness is the factor among modern day Americans who don’t notice what’s become of their society. In this documentary by Amanda Zackem, we get an honest opinion on American culture by journalist and activist Chris Hedges. America seems to be going down the pipes […]

The Square (VIFF Review)

Squares, squares. Everywhere. How square can I get? I guess we’ll find out as I review this amazing artistic movie. Starring Claes Bang as Christian, the curator of an art museum going on with his daily life. Running a museum of modern art which seems to be going nowhere as exhibits are rarely visited. So […]

Breathe (VIFF Review)

People need to breathe in order to stay alive. That’s part of the concept of this movie. This movie is also the story of Robin (Andrew Garfield) and Diane (Claire Foy), not exactly two American kids growing up in the heart land, but rather two people who meet by chance at a party. Diane is […]

Ginger Snaps (Review)

Teen flicks are a lot like horror films: they saturate the market with mostly subpar features, with the hopes of cashing in on their seemingly unwavering popularity. With that being said, when a well-received film in either genre crops up, audiences tend to pay attention. Mean Girls and recent smash It (which is now the […]