L’appartement (Review)

Renovations are fun. Well, maybe not. It’s been so long since I’ve watched anything from Quebec let alone Travelling Distribution, and so I figured this could be a nice start. Our short film begins with a young woman (Evelyne Brochu) who is, of course, renovating her apartment. First off, she starts putting up some new […]

It’s Only the End of the World (Review)

Accomplished filmmaking is a question of consistency on a number of different fronts…but few filmmakers produce consistently accomplished works. It is understandable that a director will not always get things right in the quest of his own personal vision (especially if the studio gets in the way), but sometimes a director can get in his […]

Mommy (Review)

The relationship between a mother and son is a recurring theme in each of Xavier Dolan’s film. While it may be fleeting in Heartbeats, or part of the greater whole like in Laurence Anyways, it certainly took centre stage in his debut, I Killed My Mother.  The same can be said of his aptly named […]

Tom at the Farm (Review)

A great director must take risks. It helps separate them from the pack, or even solidify a legacy that recognises their achievements and contributions years on…even if the risks aren’t working out so well for the director anymore. I cannot say that Xavier Dolan has achieved such status yet, but only because I have not […]

Streamer (Review)

Isolation. Solitude. Nobody wants to be alone, right? Maybe some do but that depends on the case. That’s what the film starts out with. Jared Bratt plays our protagonist who laments about his horrible life and how he does things to make himself noticeable but girls clearly don’t care about him. All he wants is […]

Alison (Review)

Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? Seriously, I don’t know at all. If somebody does, please comment below. But however, I know where to begin on this love story. A couple is walking through the night together and already Alison (Jessica Rose) is asking her man […]