Stand Up and Cheer for THE GRIZZLIES

During my time as a film critic, I’ve often lamented on the lack of genuinely Canadian stories that actually make it to the screen. Hundreds of films and episodes of television are produced in this country every year, but precious few are actually set here or feature Canadian characters. This dearth has been even more […]

DOXA Review – Illusions of Control

Climate change is an important thing. Not just here, but also around the world. In many different areas, climate change has an interesting kind of effect on whatever environment one lives in. While the effects may vary, they all have the exact same outcome, a disaster for everyone that has to be taken care of […]

Daddy Issues – Review

When a film opens in a way that immediately, if briefly, introduces you to an endearingly quirky main character, while also highlighting the director’s sharp eye and unique style, you know you’re in for a treat. But when you find that this short scene is capped off with a jaw-dropping wide shot of the amber-tinted […]