Review: Brave Little Army

Pre-teen kids can be interesting sometimes. You never know what they’re up to, but they can be interesting. Brave Little Army is a film that covers this concept made by an all-female crew made with the most craziest of concepts well put together. Like I’ve said before, women always make impressive films whether they be […]

Ghostbusters (Review)

If there’s a strange screenplay in Hollywood, who you gonna call? Ivan Reitman. Apparently. Following my review of Juno, arguably the greatest cinematic achievement by Jason Reitman (though there is a very strong case to be made for Up in the Air), it seems only right I offer my take on 1984’s Ghostbusters, a film […]

The Journey of Natty Gann – Review

After using the Canadian wilderness for a series of nature pics in the 1960s including Nikki and The Incredible Journey (reviewed here), the Walt Disney Studios would return to Canada in the 1980s for settings (Never Cry Wolf), acquiring content (Running Brave) and once again as a filming location as British Columbia doubles for wide swaths of […]

Juno (Review)

When reviewing a film, I normally single out the achievements (or lack thereof) of the director, as this person is perhaps the single most important figure in bringing a screenplay to life. While a similar argument could be made instead for the producer, I believe creative genesis nonetheless of any film lies with the screenwriter. […]

Review : Tiger

I’ve never been classified as a racist. In fact, when I first heard of racism when I was 7, it confused me as to why it even existed. It still does. I’m open minded. I don’t find someone inferior because of skin colour, I think it’s nice to have a blend of difference. My first […]