Remember (Review)

Every so often you can encounter a film that feels like it is treading familiar ground, like it is several films you have seen before all rolled up into one. As original a filmmaker as Atom Egoyan can be, his 2015 film Remember can feel as such in most parts, but thankfully an intense, complex […]

Residue (Review)

Rough nights and rough days. There’s no telling what power something can hold, if you stumble upon it. Sometimes, something causes a change for everyone. Sometimes, some things like that are best left unknown and even alone. The film focuses on a young man named Luke Harding (James Clayton) finding a new advantage in life […]

Bon Cop, Bad Cop (Review)

In the time I have spent writing for this magazine I have reviewed an array of Canadian films, many of which proudly distinguish themselves as just that, all the while trying to avoid being categorised as American cinema. I can say with confidence, though, that I have seen few as fiercely Canadian as Eric Canuel’s […]

Young Adult (Review)

Jason Reitman has a knack for approaching mature, socially relevant themes with his trademark flare for finding the comedy in it all. I had expressed as much in my review of his debut feature film, Thank You for Smoking, last week. While that film was a biting satire full of caricatures, his follow-up film, the […]

2nd Generation (Review)

High school is a tough place where it’s always survival of the fittest. In 2nd Generation, Ticoon (Ticoon Kim) is a young student with highly awkward insecurities. After spending the summer playing basketball with a lot of black people, things start to change for Ti. He becomes close friends with Brody (Charlie Gillespie), the school’s […]