Beyond the Black Rainbow (Review)

I remember the first time I had ever watched David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, and how its sheer brilliance had rendered me speechless, while what I can only describe as a tingling sensation cascaded the length of my spine the very moment it faded to black. It was one of the most profound cinematic experiences of […]

Review on Love Jacked

Love is not easy, life is not easy, and lying is not easy, and all of those are quite apparent in Love Jacked, your usual film taking place in a fictional small town where people’s paths cross like crazy. Maya Johnson (Amber Stevens West) is a woman trying to deal with a lot of issues. […]

The Proposition (Review)

To my father, Clint Eastwood is a cinematic god, and the Western genre is his sermon. I grew up watching all the greats, from High Plains Drifter to the Dollars trilogy and The Outlaw Josie Wales, though obviously I wasn’t limited to Eastwood either, as the likes of Once Upon a Time in the West […]