It Chapter 2 (Review)

In 2017 Andy Muschietti struck gold with It, which went on to surpass The Exorcist as the highest grossing horror film of all time (a record that stood for 44 years) while also being recognised as one of the most accomplished cinematic adaptations of a Stephen King novel. Given the norms of commercial Hollywood cinema, […]


The pre-wedding jitters are more than justified in this latest horror offering from duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Set exclusively in the sprawling estate of the Le Domas family, Ready or Not sees blushing bride Grace (Samara Weaving) accepting that she’s joined a family only a few degrees removed from a Charles Addams comic […]

GOOD BOYS Offers Good Times at the Cineplex

A decent R-rated mainstream comedy is a rare beast these days. With studios clinging to the more box office-friendly PG-13 rating for nearly every genre under the sun (horror notwithstanding), you might have better luck spotting a unicorn than having a raunchy, drug-fuelled, profanity-laden laugh fest connecting with an audience. While Seth Rogen hasn’t made […]