Crawl (Review)

Alright, I’m just going to come right out and say it; I really, really enjoyed Alexandre Aja’s 2010 film Piranha 3D. Some may scoff at the French filmmaker’s tendency towards schlocky B-movie tropes, but I would argue that his films revel in their own self-awareness, all the while delivering the thrills, kills and scares that […]

HOLLYWOOD’S CANADA: Northern Pursuit

While there was plenty of action in the European and Pacific Theatres to keep Axis forces occupied in WWII both in real life and on-screen, it seems the Nazis just couldn’t keep their paws off Hollywood’s version of Canada’s far north (aka “God’s Country”). Even though the stormtroopers depicted in Powell & Pressburger’s 49th Parallel […]

Just Me and You – Mini-Review

Ah, Father-Daughter trips. A common concept in short films and features. I’ve seen it in films at VIFF, VAFF, my early days of reviews, and maybe VSFF?. You get the idea, daddy-daughter movies. Or movies that involve being on the road. Those kinds. This one’s a little different, because the daddy-daughter duo of Stephan (Florin […]

Terminator: Dark Fate (Review)

Times have been tough on the Terminator franchise post-Judgement Day. Where James Cameron’s efforts on the first two entries left indelible marks on the action and science fiction genres, its slew of sequels failed to compellingly build upon the foundation laid by the legendary Canadian filmmaker. And Cameron knows that too. Which is why, upon […]

Discovering PORKY’S

Long after he made the snow-covered streets run red in Black Christmas and just prior to lensing the nostalgia-fest Christmas Story, American-born director Bob Clark utilized Canada’s generous tax-shelter film policy once again to bring his adolescent memories to the screen in what turned out to be the highest-grossing Canadian production for over two decades: […]