Deadpool 2 (Review)

Sequels are never an easy feat to successfully pull off, especially when its predecessor is so well loved. Matching the first installment’s quality is one thing, but to actually veer in a fresh narrative direction, while still maintaining the essence of what made it special, is another case altogether. It is no wonder, then, that […]

Deadpool 2 – Review

Wade Wilson sure has come a long way since his unfortunate rendering in 2009’s X-Men-Origins: Wolverine. At the time, the legendary “merc with a mouth” was reduced to a mute Frankenstein-esque henchman who was promptly dispatched by Hugh Jackman and left for dead (post-credits coda notwithstanding). Nine years and a hit solo-film later, Ryan Reynolds […]

Another Kind of Wedding (Review)

It’s funny, I know I mentioned something about marriage a couple weeks ago. I seem to be watching a lot of love movies these days, but this one’s a slight change of direction as far as any love movies. Anyways, weddings come in all kinds of different varieties. There’s your basic weddings, then there’s outdoor […]

48 Hrs (Review)

When discussing Canadian filmmakers, there are certain names that always crop up. James Cameron, David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan, Denis Villeneuve; these are all names that are considered synonymous with Canadian cinema, and deservedly so, given the contributions made not just to their own national cinema, but the medium as a whole. Yet, there are lesser […]

No Fun City – Review

Beneath the gleaming glass towers and majestic mountain views of Vancouver lies a considerably dirtier, grungier and wilder subculture of underground and barely legal punk rock mania. Well, at least thats the case in the pre-Olympics world of Melissa James and Kate Kroll’s 2010 documentary, No Fun City.   “No Fun City is street level. […]