Young Adult (Review)

Jason Reitman has a knack for approaching mature, socially relevant themes with his trademark flare for finding the comedy in it all. I had expressed as much in my review of his debut feature film, Thank You for Smoking, last week. While that film was a biting satire full of caricatures, his follow-up film, the […]

2nd Generation (Review)

High school is a tough place where it’s always survival of the fittest. In 2nd Generation, Ticoon (Ticoon Kim) is a young student with highly awkward insecurities. After spending the summer playing basketball with a lot of black people, things start to change for Ti. He becomes close friends with Brody (Charlie Gillespie), the school’s […]

Review on “The Window”

Death is never something that makes people happy, unless it’s a certain person. Everyone knows however, it’s only natural and the last few moments of life are ones to cherish. Even in the last moments, there still are special moments, even for the 3 characters in this short. Patients in a hospital room with only […]

Polytechnique (Review)

Before Denis Villeneuve began wading into the genre of science fiction, he was making hard-hitting dramas that did not shy away from very real issues of the world. I had expressed as much in my review of Villeneuve’s Academy Award nominated film Incendies, which deals with the trickling effect past horrors have upon a family […]

Hunting Pignut (Review)

Ah, another coming of age film. These ones are so relatable, in some sense, and so common as well. Moving on, our film is about a teen girl named Bernice (Taylor Hickson), who is not very well accepted among her peers. Family life isn’t easy either and by now, you’ve probably figured she’s going through […]