Review: Tulipani

You can discover so many interesting backstories when you look back on the heritage of your ancestors. Before DNA tests got recently introduced, we had to do some research. Or just simply ask our parents. Of course, when it comes to finding stuff out, there’s always the possibility that family members have done something really […]

The Abyss (Review)

James Cameron is, arguably, the greatest cinematic export Canada has ever produced. To those dismayed at my previous statement, I say this from a purely cumulative perspective, as it becomes all the more difficult to dispute when one considers his significant contributions to the field of cinema, numerous Academy Awards and nominations, as well as […]

Trench 11 – Review

Canada has been rather unlucky in the war film genre. Canadians were all but erased from The Great Escape and homegrown war films like Passchendaele are few and far between given the great cost of producing them. A more marketable genre piece may be just what the moviegoer ordered as a new WW1 horror thriller puts a […]

Review: Pocket Full of Nuts

Film Noirs are interesting. They bring you back in time, kind of. But what really makes them interesting? Their muted colours? The jazzy music? The fact that everyone is wearing suits and hats? I investigated one myself. The particular one I checked out was called Pocket Full of Nuts, directed and produced by a fine […]

Hello Destroyer (Review)

To abruptly open a drama film supposedly about hockey with an on-ice fist fight might seem formulaic, but in actuality is the perfect opening statement for young filmmaker Kevan Funk’s 2016 feature film debut, Hello Destroyer. Such an opening resonated with me on a visceral level, as I was instantly rapt with anticipation for what […]