No Way Out (Review)

Being a Vancouverite myself, I usually steer clear of E Hastings. But sometimes, I have to pass by the area. Almost everybody knows it’s important to steer clear of the area. But not everybody knows what the residents are really like. Gabor Gasztonyi shows us the inside of some people’s lives with his first ever […]

Mental (Review)

A dark concept brought to life in a short film through magical visuals. Throughout Mental, we follow Alicia, our fearful and miserable protagonist as she finds herself in a room with a painting that seems to be painting itself. Alicia comes across many frightening ordeals in her battle for happiness as a voice inside her […]

Remember (Review)

Every so often you can encounter a film that feels like it is treading familiar ground, like it is several films you have seen before all rolled up into one. As original a filmmaker as Atom Egoyan can be, his 2015 film Remember can feel as such in most parts, but thankfully an intense, complex […]