Polytechnique (Review)

Before Denis Villeneuve began wading into the genre of science fiction, he was making hard-hitting dramas that did not shy away from very real issues of the world. I had expressed as much in my review of Villeneuve’s Academy Award nominated film Incendies, which deals with the trickling effect past horrors have upon a family […]

Hunting Pignut (Review)

Ah, another coming of age film. These ones are so relatable, in some sense, and so common as well. Moving on, our film is about a teen girl named Bernice (Taylor Hickson), who is not very well accepted among her peers. Family life isn’t easy either and by now, you’ve probably figured she’s going through […]

War Witch (Review)

Last week I reviewed Two Lovers and a Bear, Kim Nguyen’s 2016 drama film based on a friend’s recommendation. Though the film was not without its missteps, it was still pleasantly surprising, its emotional drama lingering in my mind days after, largely due to its complex themes and the masterful character work by Nguyen. But […]

D E J A V U (Review)

Mystical Creativity, a short and simple video of vibrant colours and stunning visuals. D E J A V U treats the viewer to a quick series of clips starring Antonia Juric in a couple of different unique styles ranging from simple to elaborate. For those who don’t understand what this is all about, it focuses […]

Two Lovers and a Bear (Review)

After just coming off my series of reviews on the filmography of Xavier Dolan, I needed something with a slight change of pace for my review this week. I sought something that is thematically deep and executed with artistic grace, but also unencumbered by stylistic hang-ups that can dog Dolan’s films. Based on what I […]

Mutants (Review)

Who likes playing baseball? …Me neither. Well, that’s what this film is about anyhow. What, you thought a film called Mutants was about monsters made from toxic waste? No. It’s about a French Canadian baseball team of teens ready for practice. But before it can begin, they must initiate their new team member Keven (Joseph […]