Casino Movies and Online Casinos

Casino movies, especially of the Canadian variety are very rare. But the limited number of them provide good entertainment and some educational value when it comes to gambling. Or maybe cheating at gambling. But sometimes it’s more story material than how to play how a game of cards. Either way, they really get you into […]

My Top 5 Canadian Actresses

Since the publication of my personal list of Canada’s Top 5 Actors last week, I had been pondering my follow-up list of Canada’s Top 5 Actresses, quickly realising that choices this time around would not seem so obvious. Donald Sutherland and Christopher Plummer, the top too names on last week’s list, are established thespians who […]

My Top 5 Canadian Actors

Canada has produced some of the most talented, revered thespians in cinema’s relatively short history, and with new talents such as Mackenzie Davis and Mena Massoud earning some of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood, the extensive list of world-class acting talents Canada to come out of Canada is an ever-growing one. It has been […]


Bridesmaids slot A movie that nobody expected much from, but eventually became a box office hit and solidified itself in pop culture. Bridesmaids is a relatable comedy about friendship, female power and a series of unfortunate (and hilarious) events. What really worked for the film was how relatable they made it. Women everywhere saw a […]