How Many Hats Will Your Head Fit?

In the Indy film scene, you’re making your first few films and you’re still doing the editing, directing, producing, writing, location managing, catering. Burn out is common, bonds are made and its an experience that can sometimes be called, life altering. Once its finished, its on to booking premieres, marketing and distribution. This is the […]

Final Comments on Xavier Dolan

Last week I concluded my review series of Xavier Dolan’s films with his latest (and possibly most disappointing) effort, It’s Only the End of the World. I have already made my opinions clear on each of his works, but now it seems only fitting I sum everything up and give a brief outline of my […]

The Age of Remakes Continues in 2017?

Why is Hollywood pushing out so many remakes and reboots lately? Is it their thirst for profits? Is it that, much like the companies listed at, they too try to squeeze the most dough out of a tried and tested formula? Or are the more critical voices right, and Hollywood has lost the last […]