Exclusive – Shane Brar’s Atone

Many times we have watched the news only to discover that another small company has been forced to close their doors because they can’t compete with big business. Housing prices have made it impossible for anyone that isn’t a millionaire to buy. Farmers work harder and longer and still get gouged by the competition. How […]

Exclusive – FTL is Coming

Imagine for a moment, that George Lucas didn’t bother to create Star Wars. Now imagine that back in 1966, Gene Roddenberry didn’t think the world was ready for Star Trek. Certainly, Sci-fi would not have been fully evolved without their contributions. Together, they inspired the world to imagine gadgets and technology outside the scope of […]

Exclusive – Uniquely Viola

Have you been to the theatre lately? Not to see a movie but rather, a performance that is unforgettable and stays with your memories long after the curtains close and the applause have faded into silence. If you’ve ever been privileged enough to be seated in the audience on a night when 85 year old […]