Interview with Gregg Corbin

Whiskey, Whiskey. The contest’s wrapping up. Jameson Whiskey always has a Canadian Film competition and I got the chance to talk to one of the many contestants Gregg Corbin about his production, Beyond The Met. His short film shows him trying to cover the inside of a bar but the bouncer doesn’t permit him. So […]

Exclusive – Atalanta

Have you ever had a person come into your life that impacted it in such a way, you felt like they could be your brother, sister, mother or father? I once had a friend that felt like a second cousin, but this is not my story. Atalanta is Erik Horn’s first film. Amanda Verhagen produced […]

Exclusive – Northlander

Our history tells us that we are destined to repeat. The world is billions of years old but the stories are oh so similar throughout its evolution. From the moment we became civilized, we were creating war with those that would oppose us. Those battles have left scars on the world that reminds us indifference […]