Time Travel, Snow and Other Surprises at 2019 WHISTLER FILM FESTIVAL

“We’re recognized as Canada’s coolest film festival.” Whistler Film Festival founder and executive director Shauna Hardy Mishaw proudly states as we chat at the expansive Whistler Conference Centre. “They grabbed onto that quote and now

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VAFF – Amazing Asians with Fantastic Films

Another spectacular year at Vancouver Asian Film Festival, or VAFF for short. There was quite the blend of films and attendees this year. Of course, before I get into the good stuff it’s usually customary

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#MAMM14 – Creating Filmmaking Futures 1 Short Film At A Time!

Yes, it’s true. MAMM is back once again, continuously using its superhero theme which will never tire (as far as I know) and helping Asian filmmakers get the recognition they deserve. I have to give

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