Life Lessons from Productions This Week

As we head into the weekend, here are a few life lessons picked up by our staff this past week while out there actually making TV and video rather than writing about it: A couple of years’ experience producing a show helps a lot, but it doesn’t guarantee everything’s going to go fine every time. […]

Fusion AV Mounts Get Better

(Via PRNewswire) The popular Fusion mounts made by Chief, well known for its AV mounting solutions, have been upgraded to include new installer-friendly features. Just a few of the innovations announced by the company include: Super stability – included set screws can be used to keep the mount rigid and stable throughout the life of […]

Two Latest for Final Cut Pro X

(Via PRWeb) We often (as in every day) mention in passing some new release from Pixel Film Studios, the hardworking company that turns out so many plugins for the popular video editing program Final Cut Pro X, but as we head into this weekend, we’re going to take a closer look at the two latest: […]

Drones for Filmmakers

(Via PRWeb) This year’s Sundance Film Festival includes #DRONEDANCE: The Panel about Drones and UAVs. It’s hosted by Jigabot, LLC, makers of AIMe, a robotic camera auto-framing system perfect that can be used on a Quadcopter, drone or unmanned aerial vehicle. “Jigabot’s AIMe makes it even easier for independent filmmakers to craft their stories on […]