Top 5 Seth Rogen Films

‘Tis (almost) the season as we wade into December, and in the spirit of a somewhat less tasteful Christmas, I recently watched seasonal comedy The Night Before. While I found the film to be a hit-and-miss affair, it was Seth Rogen’s performance that was the stand-out, as the seasoned comedy actor is responsible the majority […]

Examining the impact of Owning Mahowny

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over thirteen years since the Canadian movie Owning Mahowny first came to our cinema screens. But in the ensuing years none of the film’s engrossing storylines nor dramatic performances have lost their visceral impact, and so it seems like the perfect time to see how Owning Mahowny could […]

Top 10 Ryan Reynolds Movies

He’s become arguably the most recognizable Canadian actor to younger generations (though Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogen, and Rachel McAdams might dispute that!). Now let’s take a look at the top 10 movies from Ryan Reynolds, at least in my opinion. Buried – Moviepilot did a ranking of Reynolds’s best performances, and ranked Buried as the very best […]

Alison Balnar, Rising Actress

Alison Balnar is a Canadian actress working her way up. Originally from Guelph, Ontario, Alison has wanted to be an actress as long as she can remember, played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at 10, and is now pursuing a professional career in Los Angeles. This year at the Cannes Festival Short Film Corner, […]