Demolition (Review)

Last week, in my review of Jean-Marc Vallée’s Wild, I acknowledged the Montreal director’s increasingly recognisable style, which makes use of fleeting images and flashbacks to produce emotionally hard-hitting revelations in the present. The intricate task of balancing the past and the present is no easy feat, and as such Vallée earns his auteur status. […]

Wild (Review)

The concept of visual poetry is not so easily defined. If I were to make any sort of attempt at defining it, I would say that it is something you sense or feel, evoked from a series of images saturated in narrative and thematic purpose, which intertwine to make create something more profound. Or, at […]

Moonstruck (Review)

There are many in my generation who don’t know this, but Cher once won an Oscar in the late ‘80s. In all likelihood, either you are now shaking your head as you curse the obviousness of my statement; slowly nodding at this interesting little tidbit of information; or you’re a millennial asking ‘Who the hell […]