The Legacy of Nell Shipman

In my recent list of the Top 5 Canadian Actresses, which consisted mostly of figures still very much alive to this day, the top spot was claimed by Mary Pickford, whose pioneering influence both during and after the silent era is still felt to this very day.   Despite her many progressive achievements in her […]

My Top 5 Canadian Films

While we here at Hollywood North Magazine strive to shine a spotlight on Canadian cinema, we have not always been overly strict on what exactly constitutes it. At times, links can be as tenuous as a film like Logan, which is a fully-fledged American production we previously reviewed despite having no notable Canadian input whatsoever. […]

My Top 5 Canadian Actresses

Since the publication of my personal list of Canada’s Top 5 Actors last week, I had been pondering my follow-up list of Canada’s Top 5 Actresses, quickly realising that choices this time around would not seem so obvious. Donald Sutherland and Christopher Plummer, the top too names on last week’s list, are established thespians who […]

My Top 5 Canadian Actors

Canada has produced some of the most talented, revered thespians in cinema’s relatively short history, and with new talents such as Mackenzie Davis and Mena Massoud earning some of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood, the extensive list of world-class acting talents Canada to come out of Canada is an ever-growing one. It has been […]

A Simple Favour (Review)

American cinema simply cannot get enough of the industry tax haven that is Canada. If you look hard enough in the background of a film shot in Canada, but set in America, chances are you might catch a glimpse of a familiar landmark, or maybe even the occasional Pizza Pizza.   While Paul Feig’s 2018 […]