Tom at the Farm (Review)

A great director must take risks. It helps separate them from the pack, or even solidify a legacy that recognises their achievements and contributions years on…even if the risks aren’t working out so well for the director anymore. I cannot say that Xavier Dolan has achieved such status yet, but only because I have not […]

Laurence Anyways (Review)

In my mixed review of Heartbeats last week, I said that if young auteur Xavier Dolan could direct a film that balances the more refined storytelling of Heartbeats, with the character development of his debut I Killed My Mother, it could turn out to be something very special. After watching his third film, 2012’s Laurence […]

Heartbeats (Review)

It is week two of my Xavier Dolan series, having begun last week with his film feature debut, I Killed My Mother.  Despite minor flaws, I was immensely impressed with the young director’s film, eager to move on to his subsequent 2010 feature, Heartbeats. While it is safe to say that Dolan further proves his […]

I Killed My Mother (Review)

The film business is a tough nut to crack for any director, with many of the most talented directors making their feature film debut in their thirties, or maybe even late twenties if they are lucky. But then you have the current reigning wunderkind Canadian cinema, Xavier Dolan, whose 2009 feature debut, I Killed My […]

Goon (Review)

The NHL playoffs kick-off today, and so in the spirit of any sports fan, it seems only right that I review a hockey film this week. Considering that I am more than partial to the works of Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg, I decided to watch something written by the duo, the 2011 Michael Dowse-directed […]