A Street Cat Named Bob (Review)

The world can seem a gloomy place if you pay too much attention to the news, which more often than not abides by the old adage that ‘if it bleeds it leads.’ Thus, people can sometimes lose sight of cinema’s capacity for escapism, which is why I advocate that people ensure they at least get […]

The Breadwinner (Review)

Most of the time in cinema, there is a concerted effort made to distract audiences from the fact that what they are watching is a constructed narrative. In fewer cases, there are films which deliberately remind audiences that they are in fact constructions for varying artistic reasons, a technique that legendary filmmaker Jean-Luc Goddard is […]

Deadpool 2 (Review)

Sequels are never an easy feat to successfully pull off, especially when its predecessor is so well loved. Matching the first installment’s quality is one thing, but to actually veer in a fresh narrative direction, while still maintaining the essence of what made it special, is another case altogether. It is no wonder, then, that […]

48 Hrs (Review)

When discussing Canadian filmmakers, there are certain names that always crop up. James Cameron, David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan, Denis Villeneuve; these are all names that are considered synonymous with Canadian cinema, and deservedly so, given the contributions made not just to their own national cinema, but the medium as a whole. Yet, there are lesser […]

Why Superbad is One of My All-Time Favourite Comedies

Everyone has defining cinematic experiences. Upon seeing The Godfather during its initial release, audience perceptions on the possibilities of the crime saga shifted for the better, or, for a more recent example, The Avengers proved that a carefully constructed shared universe can work. In hindsight it is easier to identify those pivotal moments that helped […]

Wayne’s World (Review)

Mike Myers may not be the household name he once was, but the Canadian’s films and their accompanying library of quirky characters have made an indelible impression on the world comedy, beginning with 1992’s Wayne’s World. Though the film features infectious dialogue that will have me saying “Excellent” very differently for some time, this is […]