Crash (Review)

Erotic thrillers, from my experience, usually try to cash in on excessive sex scenes to sell themselves, which tend to be at the expense of the thrills. This can make for a deeply shallow experience that feels as though effort was put into the nudity than the actual story. David Cronenberg’s 1996 film Crash is […]

Dave (Review)

The Simpsons has made some eerily accurate predictions over the years. Smartwatches, video-calling, NSA spying, and Disney’s takeover of 21st Century Fox to name but a few, writers of the show have a proven knack for sharp observance. One prediction that stands one more than any other, particularly in recent years, is the presidency of […]

Spider (Review)

Time and again I find myself coming back to review a work by David Cronenberg, who by this stage I believe is one of the most purposefully enigmatic and multi-faceted directors still working today. What separates Cronenberg from many a director is his unique capacity to evoke primal psychology through imagery. Until recently I believed […]

Days of Heaven (Review)

Terrence Malick is something of an enigma. The writer/director’s first two feature films were critically acclaimed, with their reputations having aged like a fine wine over the years. The first, Badlands, is considered to be one of the finest debuts by a filmmaker ever, making an immediate mark on the cinematic landscape with his use […]

Black Christmas (Review)

Since it is Christmas and I’m feeling a little festive, it only makes sense that I review a Christmas film this week, or, at least, a Christmas-themed psychological slasher. Happy Holidays! Given that the Christmas slasher is not exactly a sub-genre of horror, the cinephiles out there have likely guessed that I can only be […]