Water (Review)

There is a reason why they call the Indian film industry Bollywood. It is a massive culture in of itself, catering to an estimated population of 1.3 billion people, and its films are not necessarily limited to its respective market. Yet, when people of the Western world hear the term Bollywood, there is a tendency […]

It (Review)

Little Georgie Denbrough is an innocent 7-year-old who wants nothing more than to play outside with his older brother Bill (Jaeden Lieberher), but due to Bill being sick, is forced to wade into the torrential rains without his doting elder. Protective as Bill is, he could not maintain a watchful eye on the wandering Georgie […]

My Top 5 Canadian Directors

Canadian cinema possesses an undeniably longstanding tradition, and has been home to some of the most significant and influential figures working in the industry today. Here is my list of the Top 5 Canadian Directors:   James Cameron   I begin with one of the most predictable entries on my list, which may aggravate some, […]

The Abyss (Review)

James Cameron is, arguably, the greatest cinematic export Canada has ever produced. To those dismayed at my previous statement, I say this from a purely cumulative perspective, as it becomes all the more difficult to dispute when one considers his significant contributions to the field of cinema, numerous Academy Awards and nominations, as well as […]

Hello Destroyer (Review)

To abruptly open a drama film supposedly about hockey with an on-ice fist fight might seem formulaic, but in actuality is the perfect opening statement for young filmmaker Kevan Funk’s 2016 feature film debut, Hello Destroyer. Such an opening resonated with me on a visceral level, as I was instantly rapt with anticipation for what […]