Blue Eyed (Review)

Cinematic exercises in surrealism are never simple, whether it be in their execution or consumption. However, it’s the essence of this challenging nature that can make their thematic delivery more profoundly impactful than a work operating within the means of realism. David Lynch has based much of his career around such an ethos, while the […]

What Happened to Mike Myers?

At one point in time, it might have been fair to say that Mike Myers was the biggest comedy actor in the world, transitioning in the early 1990s from his accomplished work on Saturday Night Live to the big screen with relative ease. In the early 2000s there began a noticeable dip in both the […]

It Chapter 2 (Review)

In 2017 Andy Muschietti struck gold with It, which went on to surpass The Exorcist as the highest grossing horror film of all time (a record that stood for 44 years) while also being recognised as one of the most accomplished cinematic adaptations of a Stephen King novel. Given the norms of commercial Hollywood cinema, […]

My Top 5 Must-See Films at TIFF 2019

With the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival kicking off tomorrow, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 films that I personally cannot wait to see. Marriage Story  I begin my list with the film that is perhaps generating the greatest amount of buzz as awards season looms. Noah Baumbach, known for his distinctive filmography […]