BRUNO (Review)

It’s not often I expand my horizons, but lately, I decided to take a walk on the wild side. Maybe because of frustrations. Here’s a short film and a character I can both relate to. If there are two things Bruno (Bruno Bremmer) loves, it’s soccer and family. Anyways, Bruno and his sister Jo (Jolanthe Prüther) come home for […]

League of Exotique Dancers (Review)

It feels like I’ve been looking at these ever since… Well, never mind. I shouldn’t get into detail of that. I should instead go into detail of burlesque dancers involved in this documentary. Featuring talented burlesque dancers like Camille 2000, Toni Elling, Marinka, Gina Bon Bon, and many more as they showcase their history, their […]

Sweeping Forward (Review)

Everyone finds themselves dealing with this problem, whether they know it or not, and this problem is anxiety of competition. It doesn’t just affect average folks, it affects most of us in the film industry too, especially me. And that’s what this movie focuses on, fear of competing against someone who may be better than […]

Capture Kill Release (Review)

Cameras are great. People use them to record TV shows, movies, music videos, homemade youtube skits, and their personal lives. The eccentric couple played by Jenn Fraser and Farhang Ghajar record their personal lives as they make love, shop for hardware, and talk about how to kill. Wait, what? That’s right, a couple are planning […]