Fly (Review)

What is it with these foreign types of films distributed by Travelling? I can see why they have that name. The movies have me traveling to figure out so much. Geez. Our film stars Amy Sobol as a geeky girl. And she looks an awful lot like Ugly Betty or some geeky girl you probably […]

L’appartement (Review)

Renovations are fun. Well, maybe not. It’s been so long since I’ve watched anything from Quebec let alone Travelling Distribution, and so I figured this could be a nice start. Our short film begins with a young woman (Evelyne Brochu) who is, of course, renovating her apartment. First off, she starts putting up some new […]

Interview with Gregg Corbin

Whiskey, Whiskey. The contest’s wrapping up. Jameson Whiskey always has a Canadian Film competition and I got the chance to talk to one of the many contestants Gregg Corbin about his production, Beyond The Met. His short film shows him trying to cover the inside of a bar but the bouncer doesn’t permit him. So […]

Streamer (Review)

Isolation. Solitude. Nobody wants to be alone, right? Maybe some do but that depends on the case. That’s what the film starts out with. Jared Bratt plays our protagonist who laments about his horrible life and how he does things to make himself noticeable but girls clearly don’t care about him. All he wants is […]

Alison (Review)

Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? Seriously, I don’t know at all. But however, I know where to begin on this love story. A couple is walking through the night together and already Alison (Jessica Rose) is asking her man Jason (Kristopher Turner) if she dares […]