The Age of Remakes Continues in 2017?

Why is Hollywood pushing out so many remakes and reboots lately? Is it their thirst for profits? Is it that, much like the companies listed at, they too try to squeeze the most dough out of a tried and tested formula? Or are the more critical voices right, and Hollywood has lost the last […]

Review of The Last Casino

Casino gaming, whether it is in a traditional land based casino or in a virtual casino, has become a popular pastime for many around the globe. As a result, many films have been released that incorporate a casino theme in some manner. Typically casinos are linked to organized crime and high risk which can help […]

Canadian content in Oscars

With the Oscars coming up, everyone is pretty hyped on what will happen. We’ve got films like La La Land, Moonlight, and Arrival in the Oscars this year. And interestingly enough, this Canadian content is ranking high in Oscar nominations. These three films all have a lot of nominations each, but La La Land is […]