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The greatest gladiator movies of all-time

(Image via https://twitter.com/notnealpage)   Gladiator movies usually attract large audiences because, well, everyone likes a bit of violence and endless battle scenes, don’t they? It’s pretty damn entertaining.  It comes as no surprise that gladiator movies are considered top Hollywood entertainment. Heck, even gladiator games are popular too. The chance to play these type of […]

James Pratt’s Top 5

Actor James Pratt hosts the award-winning series “Conversation Hollywood, which showcases some of the best talents in Hollywood.  The series which is aimed at educating and inspiring industry types has featured such guests over season one as as Two-time academy nominee director “Bruce Beresford, Hollywood manager Trisanne Marin, Hollywood North magazine’s Nick Wangersky and concept […]

New Series Channels Canadian Comedy

Writer / Actor Daniel Musial has just launched his own unique comedy web series ‘The Lunchtime Quickie “which stars a mix of stabled actors and includes Instagram star Ellie Rose Giddings. The web series which Daniel say’s was heavily influenced by Canadian comedy writing and legendary Canadian actors including, John Candy, Mike Myers and Seth […]

Top Five Casino Movies on Netflix Canada

Since their invention, movies have been a great way to spend your leisure time. The film industry has been galloping on forward since its first day so besides cinemas and movie theatres nowadays we have online movie platforms that offer movies and movie news alike. The most popular one is Netflix. Netflix offers a staggering […]

The Top 10 Animation Films of All Time

Animations are considered one of the most rewarding and fast-changing platforms showcasing an individual’s creativity level. There are professional animators, and even novices, who are working hard to position themselves in the highly competitive animation industry. Latest advancements and innovations in animations also pave the way in the creation of more engaging and interesting animation […]