The Most Impactful Canadian AI in Movies

Sometimes, American film seems to take center stage in the movie world. It’s always interesting, however, to go through and see what kind of impact Canada has made in the wider film community. That impact reaches into every genre, which includes sci-fi and action. AI in movies has come a long way since the beginning […]

Do These Famous Canadian Actors Like to Gamble?

Gambling has been a big part of people’s lives. The feeling of knowing that you can win a huge prize is amazing, however small that chance is. Canada deemed this type of activity as illegal several decades ago and it was considered as organized crime. Of course, all of that has changed today. Each province […]

5 Best Canadian Films of All Time

Canada isn’t exactly known for its film industry but it has been known to produce a fair few great films over the years. If you’re interested in all things Canadian and you want to watch some great Canadian films, this article is for you. Below are the 5 best Canadian films of all time.  1. […]