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VIFF is one of Vancouver’s most common festivals and it’s starting in just a week. Every year there’s lots of things to check out. There’s movie screenings, Q&A sessions, Virtual Reality, What’s not to love about VIFF? Here are some of the most interesting events worth checking out this year.

VIFF Immersed – From September 30 to October 2, VIFF Immersed features not just Virtual Reality, but also Augmented Reality (which alters ones perception), and Mixed Reality (better known as hybrid reality, where reality and fantasy clash). Since VR is growing more and more, it’s no surprise there’s an event for 3 days with many different experiences. This is definitely worth checking out and will provide any viewer with an experience like no other. Experiences included are &Design by Sibling Rivalry and Curious Octopus, Bro Bots by Breaking Fourth, The Interpretation of Dreams by Graham Sack and Sensorium, Lightcatcher by Occupied VR and RSA VR, Sam’s Surreal Gems by RSA VR and Hey Wonderful, and Voyages – Pilot by Kaleidoscope. Come on down to the Centre for Digital Media at 685 Great Northern Way to check out this great event.

Meet The Showrunners – Have you ever wanted to get a series up and running? Would you like to learn how to have a healthy business relationship with a director? Would you ever think of hiring a writer’s room for professional purposes? If you said Yes to these and other relevant questions regarding writing for shows, then you do not want to miss out on this panel at Vancity Theatre on October 3rd.  It’s not just show runners talking at this one, but also creators and executive producers. One of TV’s greatest critics from the Hollywood Reporter, Tim Goodman hosts this panel as he talks with a wide variety of people including Graham Yost, Amy Berg, Veena Sud, Hart Hanson, Dennis Heaton, Simon Barry, Michelle Lovretta and Graeme Manson, all well known for making/writing some of the world’s greatest tv shows.

DGC Masterclass Series – Hosted of course, by the Directors Guild of Canada and happening on two different days. The first day will be October 1st at Vancity Theatre, where Patricia Rozema will talk all about her most recent film, Mouthpiece, which coincidentally is screening at VIFF, on October 1st at 9:15 pm (Vancouver Playhouse), and October 2nd at 9pm (Rio Theatre).

The second day is on October 6th and instead happening at the Cinematheque. Paris Barclay hosts this one instead, and he’s well known as a director who has directed quite a wide variety of tv shows like NYPD Blue, Glee, Scandal, Sons of Anarchy, and so many more. Both days are sure to be worth checking out as anyone attending could walk away afterwards with a wide amount of knowledge.

VIFF AMP – Of course, what would a movie be without soundtrack? For its 2nd year now, VIFF AMP is a crucial conference part of the M/A/D stream, and a great way to learn how to make music for TV and film as well as showcase your work, if you’re a musician wanting to work your way into the industry. Guests there will include Daniel Kuypers, Tony Scudellari, Ricardo Almeida, Janine Saclaise Boyd, and Kate Cooper, who are all rather skilled in this field. Conference sessions will discuss matters such as International Sounds, Composing, and music in the future. Come to the Annex on 823 Seymour St to check this out.

Kid Koala Presents: Satellite – Everyone knows Kid Koala, he’s Canada’s greatest DJ, who brings an amazing style of sound mixed with lights at his shows. However, this one is going to be a little different, where the audience gets to participate in a large collective orchestrated entirely with turntables and DJ stations. This will be a rather interesting experience for anyone, who will not only get a chance to listen to the sound, but contribute to it too. This amazing event will be happening from October 5-7 at the Annex.

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