Upcoming Shows for Exploits of Daddy B

Who’s your Daddy? Daddy B, that’s who.

Daddy B Productions has been providing the world with some interesting short films that have even won some awards. Daddy B originated in New York and now it’s heading out to Hollywood to showcase it’s latest work. Their impressive work includes Giselle’s Heart which tells the story of a former circus star, Sidney which explains that maybe love isn’t all you expect it to be, and The Mystic which tells the tale of two college students looking for answers. Now it’s time to look at what goes into those short films in Exploits of Daddy B. Combining their 3 short films into a large one while exploring the journeys of 3 men involved in the production, as we learn all about the exciting company in the most funny and delightful way possible. Starring Pauly D Walker, George Torreto, and Jimmy Chan as considerably one of the worst teams in all of history. What is it that they do? Well, you’ll have to watch the film to find out about their klutzy shenanigans. Premiering at NoHo 7 in Hollywood this September 22nd, the movie will be playing for a whole week. Fantastic!

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