Unseen But Not Unfinished: Indie Thriller Wraps

(Via WireService.ca) The Unseen, “a unique, character-driven thriller” shot in British Columbia, is now in post production and is set to appear on the festival circuit late this year. Made by Goonworks Films in partnership with Telefilm, The Unseen is the story of Bob Longmore, a man slowly losing all the pigment in his skin. For years, he’s isolated himself in a small northern town, but when his estranged wife reaches out to him, he travels back to his old urban home hoping to see his daughter Eva again. Then she goes missing — and Bob risks everything to find her.

Shot in the Vancouver, Langley and Kelowna areas, The Unseen stars Aden Young as Bob, Camille Sullivan as Darlene, the wife he left abruptly, and Julia Sarah Stone as Eva. The indie film is executive produced by Ian Hay, written and directed by Geoff Redknap and produced by Katie Weekley and Hans Dayal, and in partnership with Telefilm. Redknap has had a long career in make-up effects, starting with his first job on the X-files and leading up to the portrayal of Bob’s irregular, random and gradual complete loss of pigment.

Telefilm Regional Feature Film Executive of the West Lauren Davis says “This is a unique, character-driven thriller from an up-and-coming regional writer/director and producer team.” That’s echoed by producer Katie Weekley, who says “We at Goonworks Films are very excited to be partnered with Telefilm, and fortunate to draw from the top talents in our local industry.”

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