Theatrical Rhapsody ‘She Said/He Said’ Premiering in Toronto

Presented by Imani Enterprises and created by Anne-Marie Woods comes a play that puts together tragedy and comedy as we take a look in the complicated world of relationships. With Woods starring as SHE alongside Matthew G Brown as HE, the two go through musical moments, rhyming moments, and long monologues as these two individuals are out looking for love, even though they’re not very good at love whatsoever. SHE is a pure Canadian having come from Nova Scotia and living in Toronto while HE is actually Jamaican. She Said/He Said  shows what kind of conversations that black men and women have even though technically not with each other. Rather, it goes into a deeper perspective. As the two main characters try to work their way through all the struggles they have had then and now they try to find their true selves. BroadwayWorld has described it as, “a modern look not only at relationships and urban dating culture, but at black identity and representation in Canada.”

The play is announced to run from September 14 to 18 at AKI Studio of Native Earth in Regent Park.

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