The Shortest Day – Screenings to check out.

(via CNW) As mentioned earlier, The Shortest Day is currently celebrating its third year. Lasting for the duration of December 18 to 21 2015, there will be free screenings of Canadian short films, all of them being new, classic, and even award-winning. This event is perfect for family get togethers as well as something for movie enthusiasts to check out and enjoy.

The 4 different programs are Family, Kids, Dramas and Comedies, and Musicals. Among the 24 categorized films include Ontario Filmmaker’s short Bacon & God’s Wrath, a docu-collage about a 90-year old Jewish woman who looks back on her life right as she’s about to see what bacon tastes like, even though it is forbidden in her religion. Directed by Sol Friedman, an award winning animator who taught himself to make moving pictures. Most of his work has been seen at TIFF, SXSW, the Hawaii International Film Festival, and even Slamdance as well as many film festivals throughout the world.

Other film shorts to check out include Call it Blue, a student short about a girl hitching a ride but not knowing where she intends to go, and Be the Snow, which shows what would happen if a pillow came to life and explored the world. Free Screenings will be at all around the country in 80 different spots. Not just movie theatres, but schools, malls, hospitals, libraries, pretty much almost all community buildings.

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