The Messenger Raises Awareness of Birds

Su Rynard

After a successful launch throughout the States, The Messenger is on its way to a theatrical release in Canada on February 26, 2016 at Toronto’s Carlton Cinema. Already The Messenger has been nominated for a 2016 Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary, has been announced a favourite in the top 10 of Hot Docs 2015, and has even won as Best Conservation Film at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. The movie tells the amazing story of how birds are struggling, and people are trying to make sure birds stay alive for longer durations.

Director Su Rynard says that birds are dying so quickly and that humans need to pay attention as the frequent deaths seem to be pointing to something dangerous coming up. Growing up and learning about birds herself, Rynard decided to release a documentary showing this is truly a species that is struggling and needs as much help as possible. The documentary covers many different places, such as Toronto, Saskatchewan, Mount Ararat, France, the States, and so many more places where the songbird faces so many issues, all courtesy of — us. There are of course, ways to clean up any and all causes of death, and the documentary also brings out the positive to keep the audience engaged. Along with the positive notes, the documentary also conducts interviews with Bridget Stutchbury, Michael Mesure, and other scientists heavily interested in saving birds from future doom.

Places to see this documentary will include Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Many more provinces will hopefully hear of this and be on board for screening it as well.

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