The Faith Project launched by NFB

The NFB  in association with CRRF has launched a web-based project and an iPad app known as The Faith Project, which revolves around showing an impressive insight into how seven young different Canadians each live their lives with unique religious backgrounds. Written by Shiraz Janjua and directed by Chris Romeike, the project gives a deep insight and understanding of religion in Canada today.

The seven people believe religion and faith is not an obligation, but an essential key factor of their personality as well as their place in the world of today. It doesn’t matter if they read the bible or smudge or even consult their God in another method, the one thing all these people have in common is they have a lifestyle shaped from their perspective.

Through the seven different short films exploring personal faiths, the viewer is brought through an intimate experience that allows them to search into an orientation away from the world, helping them observe and understand lives from a religious perspective, something that many people don’t understand today. The seven religious viewpoints include Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Anglican, Cree, and Buddhist.

“Our hope is that The Faith Project will provide an opening for a much needed conversation about identity, tolerance, and acceptance in Canada, and the world around us.” says Producer Lea Marin. Anita Bromberg of CRRF has also stated “The Faith Project is an amazing tool going live just as we see renewed stresses around faith and belonging. Thanks go out to the young people who allowed us to glimpse into their personal expressions of faith and thereby help us to deepen the conversation as we seek a greater understanding of each other.”


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