Mentoring Program for Aboriginal Filmmakers at WFF

(Via Happening exclusively at the Whistler Film Festival, the Aboriginal Filmmaker Fellowship has grown into a three-day experience for six Aboriginal Canadian filmmakers with projects of their own.  The third edition of the program will help to these enhance projects with feedback business advice from experienced professionals in the film industry.  The program will be facilitated and run by N. Bird Runningwater, a program director from Sundance Institute. Accompanying Runningwater are Lorne Cardinal (BC Actor), Laura Milliken (Writer and Producer from Ontario), Jim Compton (Artistic Director of Adam Beach Institute), Monique Hurteau (BC director), and Shereen Jerrett (NSI Writer and Facilitator).

The first two days will consist of individual feedback as well as feedback for specific projects of the participants. The advice on strengthening the project will cover where to take the script, finding the audience, what necessary changes should be made, and top-notch counseling on what to say to Industry mentors. Finally, on the third day, the six finalists will head to the Industry Summit of Whistler Film Festival where they will attend panel discussions and networking events with even more industry experts and filmmakers, as well as Festival film screenings, short film pitches, and even more. This event is sponsored by Creative BC, NSI, the Canadian Media Fund, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, and the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre.

Congratulations to the six finalists who will be participating at this exclusive event with their original films.

Allan Hopkins – Indian Road Trip, a film about two men who have to drive an elderly man from one side to another, while some kind of force bothers them both.

Paul Swiderski – Killing the Dead, taking place in the Canadian prairies, two friends must fight off hordes of winter wonderland zombies. This ought to be interesting.

Phoebe Sutherland – Rez Dog Team, based on a true story. Unwanted dogs bond together for a journey to connect with some true owners.

Roxanne Whitebean – The Paradigm, another journey story. Only this one is a dramatic horror about a woman escaping cannibals.

JJ Neepin – The Quiet Corner. A family moves to France but the long arm of the law is approaching them.

Mary Galloway – Unintentional Mother, a film about an Aboriginal woman who is stuck between choosing to live as a nanny or with her father who is abusive. I know which one would be the right choice.

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