Looking North and Looking Ahead

(Via CNW) Chloe and Theo, starring Igloolik Elder Mr. Theo Ikummaq (also, BTW, Dakota Johnson and Mira Sorvino) will make its first  “Green carpet” appearance at Kiss the Earth, a national event taking place in the remote, fly-in Nunavut community of Igloolik. The 2015 comedy-drama from Spotlight Pictures follows New York street dweller Chloe and her new acquaintance, Theo, an Inuit sent with a warning to the world.  (Speaking of warnings: The trailer uses the E-word.) Kiss the Earth, which includes performances, activities and lots of information, is sponsored by the Igloolik Co-op and benefits Friends of the North in raising awareness and funds for families and people being left hungry due to food insecurity caused by polar ice melt due to global warming.

Looking ahead (because February is a good time for that, once you’ve picked up some leftover Valentine candy), National Canadian Film Day is set for April 20th this year and has partners across the country. See if there’s a screening near you — if not, maybe you can host one.

 The International Public Television Festival (INPUT) is coming to Calgary on May 8th through 12th, Alberta Film has announced, thanks to help from the city, province, and feds. Read about this event here.

(Photo: Kiss the Earth via CNW)

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