JPL’s 12th Israeli and Jewish Film Festival premieres this weekend

Out in Montreal, the Jewish Public Library is having its 12th festival this year. The 5 films of this year’s festival will be hosted at the Dollar Cinema over on 6900 Decarie. Happening from January 19th to February 16th, one feature film will be premiering each Saturday night at 8 pm. Starting off on January 19th is And Then She Arrived, a romantic film in hebrew that tells the tale of Dan Freilich who’s in his 30’s and feels he has everything in life, until he meets a waitress. On January 26th, viewers get treated to a history lesson in The Testament as historian Yoel attempts to fight in a debate against the people who denied the holocaust. During his research, he comes across the scary fact that his mother had an alternate identity she used for suspicious reasons. On February 2nd, Fractures will premiere, another film focusing on research, the main character Oded is heading out to get an award for his discoveries, but things don’t go as planned when he gets called by the police. Anyone knows that could mean trouble. In Her Footsteps premieres on February 9th, telling the story of a family who are stuck in where they want to go, either going along with family obligations or going along with the social codes of women’s identity and several other factors. Finally, on February 16th, the festival will come to a close with Shoelaces, which tells a love story not about a couple but rather, a father and his son.
The entire lineup sounds exciting, interesting, and even a bit soothing. Tickets are currently on sale. If you happen to be in the Montreal area, check it out if you get a chance. For more info on this event as well as tickets check out Jewish Public Library’s Official Website.

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