Inspiration: New Psych Thriller is Coming

A new dark psychological thriller, Inspiration (from Jason Armstrong and Skeleton Key Films of Guelph) is set to release in Canada, the United States, and the UK in October, and the trailer is available right now — see below.

In this film, as SKG puts it, “art intimidates reality.” A young author whose marriage has just fallen apart retreats to an isolated town to go back to her roots — horror stories. Her work seems to have an effect beyond mere words, though. As SKG says, “Violence quickly finds its way from fiction to reality, with mayhem and murder erupting all around her. Is a dark force at work or is she simply going mad?”

Emily Alatalo, (Neverlost, The Scarehouse, Route of Acceptance), Jennifer Polansky,  Chris Carnel (The Crazies, My Bloody Valentine), Andrew Roth (Extraction Day, My Name is Paul), and Ry Barrett (The Drownsman, The Demolisher) head the cast. Inspiration is written and directed by Jason Armstrong whose credits include 48 Hours in Purgatory and The Ghost is a Lie. (Both films are actually about filmmakersin 48 Hours, a documentary crew spends two days confronting inner demons, and The Ghost involves horror bloggers who are sent a clue to the mysterious disappearances of several actors and filmmakers.)

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