AMG Tech Launches to Help Creators Go Right to Consumers

(Via AMG Tech, a new digital media venture, is designed to connect content creators directly with their audiences. It plans to work with talent, agencies, and companies across the landscape, focused on those that have a traditional media platform as well as those who are digital natives. Home base will be in both Toronto and New York.

It’s being launched by Mark S. Berry, founder and chairman of AMG, who also served as executive producer on the feature film Drake Homecoming. Berry points out that Facebook and YouTube are already cutting out the middle man, so “the opportunity for talent and brands to go directly to consumers is bigger than ever.” AMG Tech will work with its clients to define their strategies for everything from content creation to monetization. That could be anything “from written content, short-form video and podcasts to bigger-budget TV & film and over-the-top platforms.”

Though news of the launch comes somewhat suddenly, after several months of rumours, AMG Tech already has two clients: Bob Shami’s Shami Media Group (SMG) a major content distributor and its Celebrity News division, SMGCeleb.

It may seem you can never tell what will happen next in digital media, but AMG Tech says, “There’s never been a better time to be in the content business.”

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