A Special Thanks to all our Readers, Supporters, and everyone we have covered

Recently, Feedspot has announced the list of Top 30 Canadian Movie Blogs, News Websites and Newsletters in 2018. We are proud to say we have made it at #6 on this list. You can take a look at it here. This couldn’t have been done with all the generous support we have gotten over the years. Hollywood North Magazine was once something big in Toronto over a decade ago and managed to make quite a fair amount in ad revenue and even make itself to Canada’s #1 film magazine. Sadly, it only lasted 3 years. Ever since 2015, all of us have been working very hard in getting it working again and providing articles. We started out covering news, but eventually, we took a different route and decided to make ourselves an opinion-based blog instead, sharing our viewpoints and thoughts on anything involved with the Canadian film industry. We’ve been covering many local events in Vancouver, got some special opportunities to talk to some amazing people, and saw some very inspiring films. So far we are looking at growing bigger and bigger and will definitely keep at it, no matter what. We’ve had writers come and go, but our staff still stands strong no matter what. Thanks to our readers (both new and returning) for checking out our page and stay tuned for more coverage in the near future. It’s truly an honour to have your support and without it we wouldn’t even be on the list.


-The staff of hnmag.ca/Hollywood North Magazine

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