Weekend Movies: Visiting the Farm, Visiting Heaven, Exes and New Guys

Such a selection this weekend. Hopefully something is worth watching.

The Visit – Huh boy. This a comedy/horror by one of the most messed up filmmakers (in my opinion), M. Night Shyamalan. Almost every film this guy makes is an abomination. Anyways, two kids are sent to their grandparents’ farm for the weekend and they discover their grandparents have a very disturbing secret, they’re actually murderers. But escaping becomes more difficult as the days go on. Reviews actually seem to consider this movie to be positive and the trailer makes the movie look good. I guess Shyamalan finally learned his lesson in making something good.

The Perfect Guy – No, not a dating movie, a thriller. Sanaa Lathan plays Leah Vaughn, a lobbyist who has been in a rather long relationship with her boyfriend Dave, played by Morris Chestnut (nice name). But when Leah decides it’s time to marry and have kids, Dave gets frightened of that idea and splits up with her. Leah starts a new relationship with a stud by the name of Carter (Michael Ealy). However things take a turn for the worse when Carter’s true personality shows and he begins to get violent. Sounds a bit awkward but anyone who likes thrillers and romance could enjoy this.

90 Minutes in Heaven – A drama about how pastor Don Piper died in a car accident and spent 90 minutes in the afterlife before somehow miraculously coming back to life through the prayers of another pastor. But upon returning, Don wishes his life in the afterlife was more similar to real life. Not exactly clear who this would be for, but I’m sure it will bring hope to anybody struggling nowadays.

Ex with Benefits – Adam (Derek Ramsay) and Arki (Coleen Garcia) are both studying to become doctors and attend the same medical school, spending most of their time together. But of course working together doesn’t always help the relationship and they break up after their first large fight. Eventually they meet each other again, and slowly get back together, though the question is, can exes really get back together? This film explores that. Anyone who likes romantic dramas will enjoy this.

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