Movies This Weekend: From the Terminator to Retiring Strippers

Terminator Genisys Leading the human resistance, John Connor finds out his mother may get killed by the Terminator. He then decides the best way to save the future is to send one of his associates, Kyle Reese, to protect his mother Sarah Connor all the way back in 1984. However, the timeline of the past messes up and Sgt. Reese finds himself in an unfamiliar time, where the past is completely different. Now he must restore the future, because we all know what happens when someone somehow changes something in the past, it resets the future. Oh, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is in this too because it is of course a Terminator movie. Good action adventure movie for folks interested in The Terminator movies, but I’m not sure if it’s as good as the previous ones.

Magic Mike XXL Huh boy. A musical drama about a male stripper. Three years after male stripper Magic Mike reached the highest level he could, he decided to end his life of stripping. Other male strippers he was associated with want to give up too. But first they want to do their final show with Mike at Myrtle Beach. However, with it being their last ride together, they decide to throw in some new moves to enhance their act and make some new friends (Lady friends to be exact) so they can finish with a bang. I honestly don’t know if this is worth watching because it’s not exactly my demographic, and I’m sure it’s pretty mild even for a never before seen movie showing of half naked dudes.

Infinitely Polar Bear In 1978, Cam Stuart goes into a depressed state after his entire family leaves him behind. But when his wife Maggie asks him to be a sitter for the two kids while she studies for her MBA, Cam and Maggie find a way to reconnect the family. Of course, hijinks ensue, and Cam isn’t the most reliable father in most situations. Sure to be hilarious if you have a chance to see it, but since it’s a Sundance film, it’s only showing at 5th Ave (Cineplex) on Burrard in Vancouver.

The Overnight A movie about an overnight between Rolling Stone reporter Lipsky and writer David Foster Wallace as they talk about Wallace’s novel, Infinite Jest. Okay, actually Lipsky invites Foster and his wife over to spend the night resulting in the craziest sex comedy ever. Throughout the interview duration  late night party, the two couples start to bond closer together and share interests with each other.

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