Light volume of films for the weekend

The Revenant – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as American hunter Hugh Glass, and taking place in the cold snowy regions of the wilderness. Glass gets abandoned by his teammate John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) who severely wounds him and then leaves him for dead. Glass can only rely on his own will as a weapon to brave the cold and survive whatever is hurled at him. But cold harsh winter storms and an environment like the one he’s trapped in are not nearly as brutal as the two tribes that live in the wilderness and are at war with each other. Whatever it takes to defeat Fitzgerald with what you have. Sounds like a truly exciting and incredible film, but not exactly for the faint of heart as mentioned in the news post today. I’d personally recommend seeing a therapist afterwards if the film is a bit too much.

The Forest Another movie about wilderness, The Forest takes place on Japan’s Mt. Fuji. Natalie Dormer takes on the role of Sara, an American woman who is on the search for her twin sister who has disappeared somewhere. Everyone tells Sara to stay on the path and not wander in the wrong direction, but Sara thinks her sister is in the forest. So of course, Sara wanders her way into the Aokigahara forest and finds herself dealing with the dead souls of the forest. It just so happens the dead souls have a habit of scaring anyone who enters the forest and they have anger issues too. Another exciting film, that’s perfect for anyone into horror. Though some of it does sound a bit overdone.

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