Gallows Ghost, Minions Movie, Self/Less Sci-Fi

The Gallows – A horror film where students try to honour a 20-year anniversary of the  horrible death of a lead actor named Charlie who died in a high school play. However, the ghost of Charlie unleashes a plague on their production, killing everyone involved. An interesting horror movie that some critics claim is a bit different than the usual. Great for any horror enthusiasts. However not everyone seems interested in it.

Minions – Okay, I have mixed feelings on this one. Back when I first heard about it, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I personally think Minions have already been greatly overused with the crazy amount of merchandise as well as Facebook photos with irrelevant statements about life. Even my brother once stated “A movie about ’em? It should’ve just been said that they came from another universe.” Anyways, it’s the origin story of these Simpsons-fingers and how they’ve gone from one evil leader to another, each leader dying due to these Minions’ dimwittedness. Three of them travel to New York where they find a new evil leader, Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock. It seems like a good kids’ movie, but I don’t know if it’s completely worth watching.

Self/Less – A rich man is dying and decides to pay for a surgical procedure to make him last longer: transplanting his brain into a younger person’s body. I’ve had the same conversation on how this is impossible with health experts and nerdlingers from time to time, but it’s perfect for a science fiction movie. Everything’s great but when the man discovers where (or should I say who) his new younger body came from, he disobeys the transplant company and is soon fleeing its mercenaries. A good science fiction thriller with the occasional humorous dialogue. Not exactly a family movie, but good for anyone interested in adventure.

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