Dramas and Sci-fi

The real-life Dalton Trumbo with his wife Cleo.

Trumbo – Taking place in 1947, this movie tells the story of  Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Originally the best writer in Hollywood, this film shows how Trumbo wrote scripts with his amazing wit to win two Academy Awards and bring the gift of absurdity to the community. Dalton enjoys his job until he gets blacklisted for having different political beliefs than most people in the country. This film was listed as a drama and I suppose that’s what it is. Interesting film for anyone interested in a film history lesson or who wants to know how to write like a true pro.

The Good Dinosaur – The geniuses at Pixar are exploring their fresh new idea “What if dinosaurs had feelings?” in a story set somewhere in an alternate universe where the asteroids missed the dinosaurs. That’s not enough to keep an Apatosaurus’s family alive, and Arlo has to live on his own and deal with other dinosaur species. However, he makes friends with a little boy, of all species. Interesting movie for kids, animation looks good, but a bit unsure about the story itself.

Creed – Michael Jordan stars as Adonis Johnson, the son of heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Adonis has heard about his father, but never met him because Creed died before Johnson’s birth. Adonis decides that he is just like his father and wants to become a boxer. He moves to Philadelphia and has Creed’s rival Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) become his personal trainer. At first Rocky is hesitant but ultimately shows Adonis how to be a true champion. Anyone who liked the Rocky movies would enjoy this, it seems like they actually put some serious effort into a story about determination.

Victor Frankenstein – Dr Frankenstein (James McAvoy) and his assistant Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) are both into helping humanity by making immortality a reality. But one day Vic takes his experiment too far and it’s up to his close friend to save him from the monster he has brought out to the world. Even worse is how the authorities are out for these two men, who use parts from animal and human corpses to create frightening abominations. A rather interesting looking take on the classic story that everyone enjoys.

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