Big Title Movies This Weekend

Deadpool Everyone’s been talking about this one. One of my close friends even worked on this one while it was being shot here. For anyone who hasn’t read the marvel comic series, Wade Wilson, a mercenary formerly from Special Forces, is the subject of an experiment. One of the greatest experiments ever as it gives him amazing new abilities. With his new special powers, Deadpool decides the best way to use them is to go after the one person who ruined his life. This one is sure to sound interesting to check out. Just don’t bring the kids, someone rated it R for a reason.

Zoolander 2 – Another movie that’s been widely talked about. After waiting for over a decade, everyone’s favourite dimwit of a model, Derek (Ben Stiller) is returning in a sequel with his former arch-nemesis Hansel (Owen Wilson) as they continue their modelling careers. But a rival modelling company is planning to drive these two out of business. This could be interesting, but I’m not sure. Not all sequels turn out good. The only reason I’m recommending this is because I watched the first one on my first date with somebody and the first date was a success.

How to Be Single Oh hey, an advice movie for anyone who’s not celebrating Valentine’s day, released roughly around Valentine’s Day. Taking place in New York City, where loneliness seems to thrive, our films protagonists are six unmarried people who struggle to learn the concept of being single while love is defined in so many ways today. Great comedy for anyone in their 20s-30s, it also sounds like it could have a few words of advice for single folks. A FEW words…

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